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NBA Betting Odds Explained | How To Read NBA Betting Lines

NBA Moneylines Explained. Betting the moneyline is another form of a straight wager. Though instead of a point spread, the moneyline bet is placed on the team to win the game straight up, with no spread involved. If you think the Magic will beat the Hawks, bet on Orlando without a point spread.

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This means in order to win $100, a bettor would have to wager $103. Sportsbooks will often price point spread at -110, meaning it would take a wager of $110 to win $100 on the bet. If the vig is a ...

How Basketball Odds Work - NBA Money Line and ATS Bets

If the Lakers prevail by less than 6 points, your bet would be a loser, and if Los Angeles prevails by exactly 6 points, your wager would be a “push” or tie, meaning your wager would be nullified. On the other side of the ledger is Chicago at +6, this means the Bulls are “getting” 6 points (or are 6-point underdogs).

NBA Betting Explained

In many ways, the money line is the most straightforward bet in the NBA, and it is simply a wager on one of the teams to win. Unlike the point spread and the totals, the odds will vary here, meaning lower odds on the favored team, and higher odds on the underdog. Here is how the point spread bet above might look in the money line market.

How To Read NBA Odds - How NBA Lines & Point Spreads Work

With the moneyline, if a team is listed on the plus side that tells you how much you will win on a $100 wager. When a club is posted in the negative that tells you how much you have to bet to win $100. With Boston at +120, you would bet $100 to win $120 and with Miami at -140, you must wager $140 to win $100.

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One thing to remember is that the line in NBA spread betting is not fixed. The bookmaker will move the line based on the balance of bets. Their goal is to have equal bets on both teams so they make money regardless of who wins. They can encourage or discourage betting by moving the line. Say they received a massive number of bets on the Mavericks.

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Most sportsbooks display the NBA betting lines using the American odds. If an NBA team has odds of +120, it means that the bettor will win $120 off a $100 wager. The individual will also win $100 if the odds were -120 for a $120 bet.

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Given the nature of the sport of basketball, the NBA is by far the highest-scoring of any major professional sports league. More points lead to more variance both in the real games and in the betting lines offered by sportsbooks. The Tunnel System is predicated on taking advantage of varying totals lines between books.