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DIY Soccer Playing Mobile Robot : 18 Steps - Instructables

DIY Soccer Playing Mobile Robot Step 1: What You'll Need. You can buy an evive Starter kit and make many more projects and robots like this. Step 2: Basics of Mobile Robot. Just like real cars, a robotic car also has wheels which are actuated using motors. For... Step 3: Understanding the Chassis. ...

The Soccer Robot : 12 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

The Soccer Robot Step 1: Parts and Tools. The following parts and tools are required to make this project. The total cost including... Step 2: Assemble Your Robot Base. The very first step is to assemble your robot base. Recently, I got a GoPiGo kit as a... Step 3: Connect the BT Module. Most of you ...

How to make a Soccer Robot ⚽ || DIY Robotics Project ♦️ - YouTube

This video is all about ,how to make a Soccer robot.... which is controlled by DPDT switches, this bot u can use in any soccer robot Competition or event hel...

DIY Soccer Playing Mobile Robot - Hackster.io

A differential wheeled robot is a mobile robot whose movement is based on two separately driven wheels placed on either side of the robot body. Thus, it can change its direction by varying the relative speed of its wheels and hence does not require an additional steering motion.If both the wheels are driven in the same direction and speed, the robot will go in a straight line.

How to make DIY Soccer Playing Mobile Robots using Arduino ...

Follow the steps: Flip the assembly. Cut two pieces of cardboard as shown in the figure and make holes. Take one of the pieces and insert 30 mm standoffs at both the end and fix using M3 nuts. Take two 20 mm standoffs and attach its female end in the 30 mm standoffs. Take the other piece and fix it ...

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How to make Soccer Robot for Robocup | soccer bot - Make it mech

Soccer Robot is a wireless remote control robot project. A soccer bot is a robot project that is build to play football. The soccer playing robot is based on the event Robocup. The junior robot soccer playing competitions is organized in many institutes. The soccer robot is also build as hobby and engineering final year projects.

Soccer Robot Project | Detailed Circuit Diagrams with Author ...

Soccer Robot Circuit. Shown below is the circuit of the soccer robot. The circuit is built around Arduino UNO board (BOARD1), servo motor (connected at CON5), Bluetooth module JY MCU BT, motor driver L293D (IC1) and two DC motors (M1 and M2). Circuit of the soccer robot. The circuit uses two 9V batteries; one for the Arduino board (BOARD1) and the other for DC motors.

Building the SoccerBot

Soldering. Soldering is the process of heating and cooling metal to join together components. To create the SoccerBot, we will use solder to connect electrical wires and other components. When soldering, we will be heating up metal to very high temperatures, so it is important to be careful for your safety. If you’re new to soldering, you may want to visit the Instructable How to Solder.