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Matchstick Puzzles With Answers #1 - Next number in Matchsticks Sequence Puzzle. Can you identify the next number in this viral matchsticks Puzzle? #2 - Decipher MatchSticks Puzzle. Can you decipher the two rows to find the hidden word? Just flip the two rows 1 and 2... #3 - Floating Fish MatchStick ...

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Puzzle 7. Remove 5 matches to leave only 5 equal triangles. Display Answer. LogicLike platform has been created primarily for kids. That's why the educational process is gradual: from simple to complex for children and adults both. More matchstick and other cool brain teasers! Try to solve 2,500 various interactive puzzles online on Logiclike.

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Compilation of Matchstick Puzzles With Answers #32 - Form Seven Squares Match Stick. In the given picture, you can see a figure made with twenty matchsticks. In this... #33 - Hard MatchStick Problem. You can see five identical squares made with blue matchsticks in the given figure. You... #34 - ...

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Answers copyright: www.mathinenglish.com Read the clues and rearrange the matchsticks to solve the puzzles. Remove 5 matchsticks to get 3 squares Move 2 and remove 1 matchstick to get 1 Remove 2 matchsticks to leave 2 squares Remove 3 matchsticks to get 3 squares

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Medium. Hard. Extreme. The length of a matchstick is 1 unit. Use 12 matchsticks to create an area of 3 square units. To make your life easier, 8 of the 12 matches have already been placed in the correct positions. Show Answer. Area A is exactly 3 square units. (4 - 1) Hide Answer.

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Here is the collection of matchstick puzzles I have found since I was a child. The questions can be about triangles and squares, numbers and words, and even some special topics which you will never think about them. Please have a look and solve it one by one. You will find them very interesting.

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#1 - Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks In the picture that is attached with this question, you can find a square which comprises of four little squares inside it. Consider this square to be made with matchsticks. You have to remove two matchsticks such that only two squares remain instead of five.How will you do it ?

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My kids were so intrigued by the matchstick puzzles we did yesterday that they wanted to do more of them. You can check the matchsticks puzzles we did yesterday here . Today, I decided to introduce them to a different set of puzzles where they had to change the direction of the given object by moving certain number of matchsticks.

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Top 5 Matchstick Puzzles with Answers - Geniuses you may give a Try!We have introduced this channel GENIUS QUIZ because to give solutions for any questions i...