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Tried and tested GPS wearable used in the world’s best leagues that meets standards for data accuracy, reliability, and consistency. Cloud Based Platform Powered by Microsoft Azure.

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A soccer GPS tracker also provides objective data for the player and coach to analyze. This is a significant modern development. For years, players and coaches have had only their subjective observations and opinions to go on when deciding how a player is doing or how hard they are pushing themselves.

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GPS data is collected with the help of the NCSU men's and women's soccer teams, which is then processed and analyzed using HPCC Systems. In this blog we discuss the details of the Athlete 360 program, including data sources, methodology, and data analysis.

Statistical Data Analysis in Soccer using GPS Tracking

constructed and tested, which can be used for tracking of player movements in soccer. The GPS module on the unit can log data on a player’s speed, distance travelled, and position when a satellite fix is received. After filtering in the logged data, the software

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GPS is a valid, reliable and relevant tool for tracking the external TL in professional soccer. Previous scientific recommendations have highlighted the importance of monitoring the external TL to reduce injury risk and optimize players' physical performance.

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By using GPS tracking technology, we collect data describing the training workload of players in a professional soccer club during a season. We then construct an injury forecaster and show that it is both accurate and interpretable by providing a set of case studies of interest to soccer practitioners.

Positional analysis of Brazilian soccer players using GPS data

The capture of player data can also use Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment. This technology is based on the determination of points obtained through satellites. A transmitter, located on Earth, sends the coordinates and gets the positioning. This process is sequenced, capturing information about the players movement. The equipment is carried in

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In elite soccer, GPS data showed maximal accelerations occurred six times as often as sprints, bringing into question the current belief that repeated sprint ability is essential to team sports. 1 The data also showed clear differences in the players’ running performance when a game is tied or a team is behind or ahead of their opponent. 1