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11 Fun Tennis Games for Kids [Tennis Drills for Kids] - Kid ...

11 Fun Tennis Games for Kids [Tennis Drills for Kids] 1. Dodge Ball. This game is played much like the traditional game except this time you will be using the net, a racket,... 2. Tidy/Messy. This game will require the use of 12 tennis ball cans with lids. Set up the cans on one side of the court... ...

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One-Up / One-Back – Serve – fun way to practice serving under pressure. (1 video / 4 minutes) Sandwich – footwork, fun. (1 video / 3 minutes) O-U-T – serve game for 2-6 players. (1 video / 5 minutes) Lines – teach the court lines in a fun way. (1 video / 5 minutes) Falling Towers– fun game for 2-6 players.

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A hard drill: Both players start at opposite baselines by the center mark. Player 1 hits a forehand deep to player 2. Player 1 hits a forehand deep to player 2. Player 2 returns the ball deep using a backhand groundstroke.

12 Essential Tennis Drills For Beginners & Kids of All Ages

12 Essential Tennis Drills for Beginners & Kids. Article Contents. 1. Running the Lines. 2. The Frying Pan. 3. The Dribble. 4. Simple Groundstrokes. 5. Ball Toss Groundstrokes. 6. Side to Side ... New to TennisCompanion? Warm-Up – Running the Lines. The Frying Pan. The Dribble.

8 Best Tennis Drills for beginners - tennis

2. Hand feeding. Hand-feeding is one of best tennis drills for beginners. In this drill, the coach feeds the ball to the player’s forehand side and backhand side. After the coach feeds the ball, the player runs to the ball to play the shot and swing it back to the coach. For one stroke, you will have to play 3 or 4 shots continuously.

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6 Fun Tennis Games to Spice Up Your Tennis Lessons

6 Fun Tennis Games to Spice up Your Tennis Lessons 1. Hungry Crocodile. This is a volley drill for younger students. Line the kids up by the net to show them the volley... 2. Count Dracula. Have the kids stand in pairs either side of the service line. They count every time they hit the ball... 3. ...

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Creative Tennis Drills & Games for Kids High Five Volleys. The High Five Volleys drill is good for children under the age of five. Have the kids line up along... Ring Around the Rosie. You’ll need at least three children for the Ring Around the Rosie tennis drill. Have the kids... Agility Ladder ...

10 Fun Tennis Drills You Can Practice Without A Court

Most are indoor tennis drills, so you can do them even when the weather isn’t cooperating. These drills will help improve your game so when you step on a court, you’ll perform noticeably better. Work on Serve Pronation. Practice your Serve Toss. Enhance your Racket Drop.