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Many volleyball injuries can be prevented by following proper training guidelines and these tips: Use proper strength training techniques for the lower back, shoulders, and legs. Use an external ankle support, such as an ankle brace or taping, to prevent the ankle from rolling over, especially if you have had a prior sprain.

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Volleyball concussions occur three ways: Players, coaches or fans get hit with a ball; players run into the body part of a teammate; or players hit their head on the floor or another inanimate object in the gym, like the bleachers or net pole. It’s not limited to indoors.

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4% occur during games. 1% occur during warm-ups. And these are the most common ways to get a concussion in volleyball: 1% ball-to-head contact. 2% player-to-player contact. 5% head-to-floor contact. Contact with the net/pole can also be associated with concussions and closed head injuries.

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Head Injuries. Even though they are not common injuries, concussions can occur in volleyball. These can happen through a head-to-head collision as players dive for a ball. A player diving for a ball can also hit the pole of the net.

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In addition, the plantar base of the proximal phalanx can become compressed into the metatarsal head, causing bony injury. This injury compromises push-off, running, and jumping. The initial treatment is ice, rest, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Sports is the #1 cause of head injuries in children. Athletes, be it professional, amateur, ‘weekend warriors’ or school students, should be made aware of the long term consequences of head injuries. Up to 3 million sports-related head injuries occur every year in the USA, and over 75% result in vision problems.

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Finger Injuries. How injury may occur: Trauma to fingers is common in blocking or setting in volleyball, as well as encounters with the net or other players. Usually the injury is a sprain, tendon tear or fracture. Treatment: Treatment for finger injuries depends on the severity of the injury. Most sprains do well with rest, ice and buddy taping.

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According to a 2015 study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, women’s volleyball has the ninth-highest concussion rate among 25 NCAA sports. Most athletes who suffer a single ...