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Missing the highschool season, just graduated with only one year of being able to play varsity, made senior captain. Just wanted to post a good out of system kill against a triple block.

Arm swing mechanics to avoid shoulder injury : volleyball

That said, in a sport like volleyball the rotator cuff is put under a lot of strain. Action steps:-google "rotator cuff elastic band exercises", do those 2-3 times per week.-tweak your swing in the meantime to prevent pain. Either reduce the hitting power or your shoulder angle when impacting the ball.

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As a way of dealing with the pain in the short term, I started doing specific warm up exercises for my shoulders before each practice or game. I've incorporated movements from these videos in my routine with great results : Shoulder Stabilization for Volleyball Players and Volleyball Spiking Technique Shoulder Health . Moreover, I made sure to ...

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If you do this, you put a lot of effort on the shoulder muscles. If you want to (and it's not always possible) lessen the pressure on your shoulder, move your arm in front of you. If you are a right hitter, finish your hit by letting your arm swing to your left side as if you were to hug yourself. Let it drop to your left side hip.

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Any advice on hitting form and approach timing? I want to hit harder but I constantly hit the ball near my wrist area and am getting some shoulder tightness.

Shoulder Pain and Injuries in Volleyball Athletes

A proper warm-up will also help prevent shoulder pain and a light jog followed by dynamic stretching is a great place to begin. Throwing the volleyball back and forth with a partner or against a wall will help the shoulder get ready to hit. Begin hitting the volleyball at 50 percent effort and increase with each swing.

Prevent Shoulder Injuries in Volleyball

To prevent injuries and overuse conditions of the shoulder, a volleyball player should have a regular training program with stretching and strengthening exercises. SLAP Tears The other injury seen relatively commonly in volleyball players, as well as in other overhead athletes, is a tear of the superior labrum, called the SLAP tear.

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Volleyball‐specific skills such as spiking and serving place a tremendous load on the shoulder girdle. These overhead skills subject the dominant shoulder girdle to repetitive stress, which may cause breakdown and injury to the soft tissues. To better understand the mechanism of overuse shoulder injuries in volleyball athletes, the volleyball medical professional should have a basic familiarity with the kinematics of the volleyball spike and serve.